Try telling a drunk ballerina that she moves gracefully. I dare you.

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Dungeons & Dragons may save your friendships

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In fact, I’m the platonic ideal of dads.

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She was a supervillain, I was her henchman, he was a victim.

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And a handy guide to awkward conversations with them.

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If they don’t destroy something you love, are they even really your pets?

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A night for ghouls, ghosts, goblins and… diamonds?

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In my defense, it’s not like he TOLD me he was.

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Hate-sex is out, pissed off snuggling is in.

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And not in the way my dad probably intended.

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M. L. Moore

Goofball, anti-fascist, stay at home jester. I use they/them pronouns and know useless information about everything.

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